Essential Tools The Legendary Calculator, Deal Analysis Cheatsheet, Bank Loan Starter Kit, Real Estate Contract Pack, Management Vetting Guide

Analyze Deals & Buy Properties Like a Pro


5 Toolkits
$45 a pop. total no brainers.


The Legendary Rental Property Calculator

25k+ sold. It's legendary for a reason. 

We use this exact sheet to analyze dozens of deals per day & buy multiple properties each week!

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The Deal Analysis Cheatsheet

Don't waste time on the wrong deals.

Use our 3-phase process to analyze a property sight unseen, with this tidy cheatsheet packed into a single file!

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The Financing Toolkit & Net Worth Tracker

Wanna your impress your lender? 

All you need to pitch you & your property to a commercial lender, credit union, or local bank in a streamlined package!

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The Investor Contract Starter Pack

6 essentials we use weekly!

Samples of 2 purchase agreements + 4 more agreements we use weekly! For education purposes only.

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The Property Manager Vetting Guide

Pick right the first time!

Most property managers are horrible, some are mediocre, and few are good. This guide will help you sniff 'em out like we do.

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Need Help Using Our Tools?

These free classes will help you understand the numbers, deal analysis, and rental property loans! Check out our YouTube page for more!

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