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Replica Versace Medusa Belt And this kind of apology, also is not based on the current company law and securities law relevant provision, just pressure from minority shareholders' rights. For YueYangXing such long, large shareholders after the cancellation of still attend the general meeting of shareholders, Cheap Versace Belts and vote on all important matters, of how the small and medium-sized shareholders damage compensation, the mainstream of the current legal system does not provide the corresponding relief program. Large shareholders were cancelled before, obviously became a problem all the legitimacy of the shareholders' general meeting, all vote on the resolution of the alleged also invalid. Although to shareholders in the company law, given to the shareholders meeting resolution to apply for cancellation of suit, even after the revocation in judicial proceedings, how to mete out punishment of major shareholders, the board of directors of the company's related personnel with should be what kind of responsibility, the current company law also did not give a clear answer. I always thought that, because we never in the field of culture a respect for the tradition of corporate governance, Versace Belt and under a congenital deformity of equity structure, if the law of imbalances of power between large shareholders and small and medium-sized investors did not give enough system arrangement, the only result is failure of corporate governance and the big shareholders to trample the interests of small and medium-sized investors.

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My evaluation of this selected topic and show is four words: major. Versace Belt Cheap about the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, now hear most is that this is a worldwide difficult problem. The author thinks that, that was actually a bit irresponsible. Small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem in the world,in terms of Replica Designer Belts's small and medium-sized enterprise's unique difficulties, seems to be more difficult than the author examined the problem of some countries, on both the financial resources and system supply a comprehensive and integrated distortions and incomplete. Buy Versace Belt to the author on the investigation to the small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem for so many years, no country's small and medium-sized enterprises of financial ecology, like Replica Designer Belts, so distorted, with a worldwide problem, prevarication indeed irresponsible for it. Fake Versace Belt And through economic channel show, we found that to really solve, really pay attention to folk strength and financial resources integration, although cannot say cure small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem, at least you can have a great breakthrough on this issue. Financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country for a long time is difficult to solve, a big reason is that the parties in the face of not enough importance to the problem..